A solitary pulmonary nodule is a lesion that represents itself as a round or oval spot on the lungs.  The spot can only be seen with an x-ray or CT scan. If a spot like this is found on the lungs, a biopsy will most likely be ordered so that cancer or a malignancy can be ruled out. In half of the cases, these nodules will be benign.


Benign solitary pulmonary nodules will appear on the lung if they are the result from an old infection, disease or scar.  An infectious lung disease or exposure to tuberculosis can also cause these nodules.   If an individual has a history of smoking or if the nodule has increased in size, there is likelihood the spot could be cancerous.


There are generally no symptoms associated with a solitary pulmonary nodule.


If the nodule does not appear to be cancerous through the CT scan or x-ray, treatment will most likely involve monitoring the spot.  If it is believed the spot is malignant, then a biopsy will be performed to remove the nodule.